Thursday, August 21, 2014

YBK: Senior info went out to Econ classes; layout designs have been created on eDesign; pictures are being uploaded; grades have been entered in the grade book. HOMEWORK: Keep working on Unit 2 vocab / info; keep working on stories / deadlines. Keep working. Yearbook never ends. I suspect proofs from Fall Bash and ID cards will arrive next week sometime. Be ready to start the sort.

10th Honors: We discussed Gilgamesh; read Genesis 1:1-31 from the American Standard Version of the Bible (; we reviewed what we’ve accomplished these past 2-1/2 weeks via PPT (Unit 1 Lit. Terms ); some classes played Greek Go Fish. HOMEWORK: Think about HERO essay. Report to Room 202 tomorrow for class to type in HERO essay. Summer Reading essay is Monday. Bring the book you chose.

9th Honors: We finished up our review of the 30 terms from Unit 1.  Here are links to help you with the terms:     and   MLA:    HOMEWORK: We’re meeting in the computer lab 202 tomorrow to type in a narrative writing sample. Summer Reading TEST (essay) on Monday; MCQ test on Tuesday. Bring your book to class on Monday.


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